If you Haven't, Update Your iPhone Now! Really, Don't Delay!

Posted by Mac Upgrade Store on April 23, 2014

Apple updated its iOS 7 operating system for iPhone a while back and it didn't cause much of a stir, and chances are you hardly noticed that it even happened. It turns out, however, that the silent update for iOS devices was a result of a coding error that left iOS devices, as well as MACs (OS X), open for cyber attacks.

Basically, if you want all of your private information to remain private, you need to update your phone pronto.

From a note about data security and vulnerability from Apple: 

An attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS.

What this means is that the SSL (Short Sockets Layer), which keeps all information that passes between your browser and a websites server private and out of prying eyes, works with the TLS (Transport Layer Security) to encrypt data and make sure all traffic is legitimate. They are like the white blood cells of your iPhone.

SSL and the TLS are diligently keeping a watchful eye in the background while you browse the Internet. Working hard to ensure all of your transactions are secure and encrypted (you can tell they are doing their job because you will see a little padlock icon in your URL bar). 

The vulnerability that Apple is talking about allows "attackers with a privileged network position" to steal data that is usually encrypted through websites like your bank, or Facebook, or your OKCupid account (watch out!). How privileged are we talking here? As simple as someone being on the same Wifi account as you are. Like at a cafe, coffee shop, or library.

While Apple has fixed the problem in iOS for those who have updated, many un-updated devices are still vulnerable. 

So, in order to remain attack free, until you update your device or you are using your laptop at a coffee shop, the only sure-fire way of staying safe is to only use secure networks. Additionally, avoid any public WiFi for your laptop as well.  

An OTA update will usually happen on its own. But if you are using a 3GS or an old iPod Touch, you will have to prompt it to update. Simply go to "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update." 

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