Rumor Has It... iPhone 6 May Have Bigger Display and More

Posted by Mac Upgrade Store on May 05, 2014

Conspiracy theories abound at the moment that would make Fox Mulder proud on the potential new design and release of Apple's newest model iPhone. Yes, the iPhone 6 is being rumored here, there, and everywhere about as much as our favorite X-Files hero talked about the cigarette smoking man and his sister's abduction by a combination of mysterious government agents and alien forces.

Most recently, the rumor has it that the iPhone 6, which is currently slated for a late summer to early fall release will feature a longer, but barely wider display. This offers users the bonus of a much requested larger screen that is still comfortable enough to easily be controlled by most average-sized human hands. 

Rumor also has it that the American tech giant from Cupertino will be releasing not one, but two new smartphone options at the same time, much like it did with its last release of the iPhone 5S and 5C. If the rumors hold true, the iPhone 6 will feature the previously mentioned larger screen dimensions and include a pixel density of 389 pixels per inch. It will also pack an Apple A8 processor with a speed of 2.6Ghz. Thickness is expected to be around .22 inches. 

The second rumored device is an Apple Phablet. This device is taking what the iPhone 6 is scratching the surface on, and taking it to another level. That surface is the one currently possessed by its much rivaled competitor Samsung. Samsung features larger screens as a selling point, of particular note ('ahem') is the Samsung Note, which seems to be the direct target of Apple's second device. If rumor has it correctly, the new Apple phablet screen will be about 5.5 inches.

A very special thanks to Adele, the talented vocalist and David Duchovny, master sci-fi thespian, for some added inspiration to this blog.

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