The “Non-Geek Guide” to Your Mac Desktop or MacBook

Posted by Mac Upgrade Store on June 02, 2014
Take this instant quiz about the innards of your Mac computer: What is the capacity of your hard drive, and how much random access memory (RAM) does it have? And here’s a bonus question: If you wanted to add more RAM to your Mac, how much more could you add?

If your answers to the questions above were either “Say what?” or “I leave all that to the Mac geniuses,” we understand completely. On the other hand, if you would like to learn more about your beloved Mac and have a baseline of familiarity to make wise decisions on upgrading, read on…

Let’s take a guided tour of your Mac’s insides. Boot up your Mac and follow these steps:

1. Click on the Apple symbol at the top left of your screen.

2. Point your mouse cursor at About This Mac… (the first item on the dropdown menu) and click on it.

3. The About This Mac small window appears. Click on the More Info…button. Another slightly larger About This Mac window opens.

4. You are in the Overview tab, which gives you information about your processor, the amount of memory, your graphics configuration, your computer serial number and the Software version of your operating system.  There are also two buttons, System Report… and Software Update…, We’ll get back to them shortly. But first…

5. Click on Displays at the top left of the window to see the specs about your screen and its supporting graphics card. You can also access the display user manual as well as set preferences from this window.

6. Click on Storage. The window that opens tells you all you need to know about your hard drive’s storage capacity and what is loaded on it.

7. Click on Memory. This window shows:

how much memory (in gigabytes) you have installed
how many memory slots you have on your computer
how many memory slots you are using
how many slots are available (if any)

8. Go back to Overview and click on the System Report button to check into the really detailed technical things about your Mac -- or you can stop at step 7, because you already know enough to answer the questions we posed at the beginning of this piece. 

You’re on your own from this point, but you might want to click the words Graphics/Displays, Memory and Storage for a technical representation of what you explored earlier on the More Info… options.

Actually, you’re not completely on your own. If you need any assistance at all in deciding how to upgrade your Mac, please contact us.