Welcome Newbies -- Here’s Why You Should Choose a Mac

Posted by Mac Upgrade Store on June 16, 2014

If it is time for a new computer, and you don’t like the look and chaos of Windows 8.1, you might want to seriously consider migrating to a Mac. From the minute you boot up your new Mac, you'll be astonished with its fast and slick performance and totally intuitive operating system that will make your migration from your slow PC trouble-free.

Your choices range from the top-of-the-line Mac Pro to the feather-light, but fully capable MacBook Air. Between those ends is an array of fantastic desktop and laptop choices to meet any personal or business computing needs. For those who have a lot of legacy files and work invested in Windows applications, Mac makes the transition easy with its "Boot Camp" program that allows you to run both Windows and Mac software. Rather than use "Boot Camp" and have to switch back and forth, you can buy third-party software like Parallels Desktop, which allows simultaneous use of Windows completely integrated with the Mac OS. You load Parallels and then Windows and end up with a dual operating platform that runs Windows as fast as a PC (or nearly so, depending on your memory allocation, etc.), and you don't have to boot back and fourth.

New Macs come loaded with the Mavericks operating system. It is a graphical user interface that runs the Mac and the software applications supported by the Mac platform. Former Windows users will have no difficulty adapting to the interface that relies on both a program icon dock as well as traditional top-of-the-screen drop down menus.

Also, Mavericks comes with, among other new features, some free applications like Text (a good word processor), Maps (a mapping program almost as good as Google Earth) as well as a calendar, e-mail and reminders app. The Apple Safari web browser is fast and easier to use than the Windows Explorer. Then there is the truly superior after-purchase support for Mac computers right at the store and with no call center runaround. If, on the other hand, you already have a Mac and you’re looking to upgrade with more memory, additional hard drive space, etc., come to the Mac Upgrade store. See our previous blog on how to “get to the guts” of your Mac to find out what you have so you can tell us what you need.