Upgrade Your Mac Pro with More Memory

Posted by Mac Upgrade Store on May 20, 2013

If your Mac Pro is beginning to get a bit older, chances are that you have loaded it up with applications that are making increasing demands on its processor and operating system. You may have even noticed that the new OS X version 10.8.3, Mountain Lion, is beginning to lag somewhat as it remembers your open applications before the last shutdown and loads them back up the next time you boot. It is time to upgrade.

Also, if you load Microsoft Windows as a virtual operating system - using Parallels Desktop software, for example - you’re also putting an extra strain on your memory while you work across your Mac and Windows platforms. 

How much memory is enough?

Let’s put it this way - when you bought your Mac Pro, you undoubtedly had enough memory installed (probably 2 to 4 GB) to run your Mac. Now that you’ve loaded all those multimedia and office productivity applications, it is probably time to upgrade. For example, if you have two 2-gigabyte memory chips installed and you want to keep them, think about doubling up.

How much memory do you have?

You can find out how much memory your Mac pro has easily enough: open your Apple menu and select “About this Mac.” Up jumps the - you guessed it - “About This Mac” window. Right in the middle is the information about the amount of memory you have.

To find out the slots where your memory chips are mounted, click on the “More info…” button, and select “System Report/Hardware and select “Memory” from the Hardware list.

Is it difficult to add memory?

Actually, you can do it with absolutely no tools. All you do is shut everything down and touch the metal case to get rid of static. Remove the plug and release the right side panel by pulling up on the rear-mounted lever.  You’ll find the memory cards mounted on the lower rear section of the computer box. Follow the steps on the Apple support page to install your memory upgrade.