5 Reasons to Upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion

Posted by Mac Upgrade Store on May 27, 2013

Even though the mobile iOS operating system is the most widely used by Apple customers, the OS X operating system family will always be beloved by Mac users. In June 2012, Apple released OS X Mountain Lion, the successor to OS X Lion, through the Mac App Store. Mountain Lion brings many improvements to OS X. Let us look at 5 of the top reasons to upgrade to Mountain Lion.

1. Better Synchronization with iOS

One of Apple’s goals for the Mountain Lion release was to improve connectivity with the iPhone and iPad. For instance, Mountain Lion can use the iMessage protocol and to trade messages with anyone using an iOS mobile device.

2. Facebook and Twitter Integration

Given how heavily Facebook and Twitter are intertwined with the iPhone, it is only natural that Apple would make the same kind of social media interaction just as easy on the Mac. Share buttons are available all throughout the OS to make for easy, intuitive social media posts.  

3. Voice Input

Those who have an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 have the advantage of easy voice-to-text dictation that can replace standard key input. Mountain Lion brings this feature to OS X on a system-wide basis.

4. Gatekeeper for Better Malware Protection

Apple has added a default malware protection system, Gatekeeper, to OS X. This system provides three levels of trust for app downloads: allow apps that come directly from the Mac App Store, allow apps signed through Apple’s developer program, and allow apps from anywhere.

5. Integration with iCloud

Apple’s cloud sharing and synching service, iCloud, is not new. However, with the Mountain Lion update, OS X now has the kind of integration with the platform that is found on the iPhone and iPad.