Perform brain surgery on your Mac Pro with a new hybrid hard drive

Posted by Mac Upgrade Store on June 05, 2013

Anything with moving parts wears out, and that goes for spinning hard drives on your faithful workhorse Mac Pro desktop. If your hard drive hasn’t begun showing signs of slowing down, it may definitely be filling up. You love that Mac Pro, though, and you’d like to keep it as part of your life for another five years, right?

New hard drive technology

You may have heard of the new solid-state hard drive technology. Instead of its innards being spinning disks, everything is, as the title implies, solid state - no moving parts.  Solid-state hard drives do the same work, but without the mechanical parts. The spinning platters are replaced by so-called “flash memory.”

What SSDs do best

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are super-fast and totally reliable. Their read/write speeds leave conventional hard drives in the dust. A hard drive is typically the main barrier or bottleneck to computer performance. Remove the spinning disks that the CPU must pause (however briefly)  in order access to read and write data, and that bottleneck goes away.

Other advantages include reliability. You can’t ruin them through dropping or jarring - a great advantage for portables. Also, with an SSD, your computer runs cooler, quieter and without the vibration.

Drawbacks of storage and price

But SSDs are not without their disadvantages. They have less storage capacity and their megabyte capacity-to-price ratio is higher than traditional hard drives. Notably, however, their price today is on average about one-third of what they were just two years ago.

Don’t despair; hybrids are here!

Hybrid hard drives are on the market now. They are part SSD and part regular hard drive. With the latter you get the higher storage capacity, while the SSD gives you the aforementioned quicker performance. Hybrids run up to four times faster than a standard hard drive and you can buy that hybrid terabyte behemoth at a very reasonable price.

Go on - upgrade

Your Mac has been your faithful servant these past three or four years. Why not pop open that side panel and pop that new hybrid hard drive in and give it a new lease on life. Contact us and see our full range of Mac Pro hard drives, including the Hybrid Hard Drive 3.5-inch SATA model.