Hybrid Hard Drive 3.5-inch SATA

Hybrid Hard Drive 3.5-inch SATA

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Hybrid hard drives are a very good upgrade for your Apple Mac Pro or Apple iMac if you want some of the performance of a Solid State Drive, but want the capacity of a regular hard drive at a more reasonable price. The software on the drive learns what programs you use the most and stores the most accessed files on the SSD part of the drive. You will see performance boosts over time as the drive is used. 


Up to 4 times faster than a standard hard drive. This noticeably increases system performance.

The best upgrade for your system is a Solid State Drive. Click here to view the Solid State Drives for your system.


Type: 3.5" Serial ATA-600

Condition: New

Spindle Speed: 7200 RPM

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