Solid State Drive SSD 2.5-inch

Solid State Drive SSD 2.5-inch

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There are lots of advantages to adding a Solid State Drive to your Apple system. Unlike regular hard drives, a SSD does not have any moving parts. This greatly reduces the access time to the data. Regular hard drives have spinning plates that the data is read from. Regular hard drives also tend to fail over the course of time in a catastrophic way. SSD drives do lose space over time, but it is a very slow process. When you add a SSD you will notice immediate performance boosts. Everything will load much faster including a greatly reduced boot time.


One of the best performance upgrades - instantly notice a faster system. Up to 20 x faster than a regular hard drive.


Type:  2.5" Serial ATA

Condition: New

Width: 2.8 in

Depth: 3.9 in

Height: 0.4 in

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